Rolex Explorer II

On November 5, 2013

For mountaineers and all-around extreme sports enthusiasts Rolex present its “may-be Basel 2010″ Rolex Explorer II.

The watch is perfect for people who need a no-frills, reliable and robust watch to keep ticking in all kinds of rigorous and unpredictable conditions, for example on the Mount Everest.

The original Rolex Explorer II model was lunched by Rolex in 1953 in the tribute to the historic victorious ascent led by Sir John Hunt. At that time it was a plain steel watch with a 36 mm black dial, a polished bezel, and an Oysterlock bracelet.

But Rolex has participated in the expeditions devoted to conquering the summit of Mount Everest long before. It all started in 1933, when Rolex first equipped 13 successive Himalayan expeditions with itsOyster watches.

The new functional models in the current Explorer II line have a 40 mm steel dial in black (Steve McQueen special edition) or white, an engraved 24-hour bezel, and a red hand which, used in conjunction with the bezel. This was made to help the wearer differentiate day from night. It also features a 12-hour hand that can be adjusted to allow for changes in time zones.

Rolex Explorer 2 watch

All current models have the same minimalist design – clean, simple and uncluttered. If you are an underwater explorer, keep in mind that, as robust as this watch is, it is waterproof only up to 330 feet (100 metres). So choose watches with higher water resistance. However, for sports enthusiasts who value precision, sturdiness, and a simple design, the watch created for the conquest of the world’s highest mountain is still coming up tops.

And the last thing – have you though about a teaser on the Rolex website? It seems to be a confirmation that we can expect a new Rolex Explorer at BaselWorld 2010 – yearly held watches and jewelry exhibition.

Rolex Explorer 2 watch

Rolex Explorer II fits:

  • Size: 40 mm
  • Case material: Steel
  • Movement: Self-winding
  • Chronometer: COSC Certification
  • Chrystal: Sapphire
  • Dial color: white
  • Bezel: Engraved 24-hour
  • Bracelet: Oysterlock
  • Water resistance: 100 metres